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Blackmagic Switcher Control Panel

Updated: Jan 9

  • Multi-function switchboard control panel, ideal for audio and video live broadcasting system, audio, and video recording system.

  • Connected to ATEM switchers by LAN, and compatible with ATEM Software Control.

  • 10 channels live streaming switcher and support 10 channels PGM +10 channels PVW live streaming switch.

  • 40 physical buttons are integrated on control panel for switching of channels and effects.

  • Built-in audio adjustment function, and up to 5 channels’ audio volume can be adjusted by 5 knobs integrated on the control panel.

  • Easy connection and only 1 network cable is needed to connect ATEM equipment and PC.

  • Stylish appearance, anodized aluminum alloy panel, and can be adapted to various environments.

  • Model:- VIDEOCAST- BAC

  • Compatible device:- Blackmagic Atem

  • Connection method:- LAN (support POE)

  • Channel:- 10 inputs + 1 COL + 1 MP

  • Volume Control: 1 input + 4 output

  • Transition control: Automatic transition, hard cut, T-Bar

  • Transition effects: Support

  • Status light: Support

  • Display screen: Support

  • Tally: 10-channel PGM+10-channel PVW

ATEM Controller
Download PDF • 337KB

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