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How to Create Promote An Online Event?

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Online events are important to both growing your customer base and improving customer retention. Whether your event is an online webinar, an internal presentation or a holiday dinner, it's important to advertise your company's events as much as possible. Understanding how you can promote your company's events online not only helps you garner more positive attention for your event but can help you increase your audience through effective advertising practices. In this article, we discuss steps you can take to properly promote your company's event online.

Why is it important to promote an event online?

Company events are important for a business, and promoting them online can result in multiple benefits for a company, including:

  • New customers

  • Increased probability of return customers

  • Increased revenue

  • Higher levels of digital traffic

Your company's online presence functions as a permanent advertisement. Each post, statement or video your company makes creates opportunities for potential customers to find your products or services.

How to promote an event online

By advertising your company's event on the internet, you advertise your entire company, as well. Advertising can boost your event's attendance rate in the short term and your company's reputation in the long term. Here are a few steps you can take to effectively advertise your company's event:

1. Promote the event on social media

Social media offers a great opportunity to alert potential customers of your company's upcoming event. Consider posting news of your event to several of your company's social media pages so you can post updates, specific information and other updates before the event. Additionally, advertising your event on social media allows any interested people to share the event with other users they know.

  • Instagram Live

  • Facebook Live

  • LinkedIn Live

  • Twitter Live

  • YouTube Livestream

2. Best Device Chose For Live Streaming

4G Bonding Video Encoder : MINE -Q8

1. Dual HDMI/SDI

2. 3 SIM/WiFi/Ethernet/USB Dongle

3. M Live App Control

4. Portable to carry

5. Portable Wireless 4G Streaming Encoder, HD live video streaming through RTMP/RTMPS/RTSP directly to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

6. H.264 (RTMP/RTMPS), H.265 (RTSP), support up to 1080p60

7. Simultaneously bond up to 6 network links including support for 3* 4G LTE cellular or 1* USB Dongle, Wifi and Ethernet.

8. Internal rechargeable battery provides up to 5-6 hours of continuous streaming.

For Budget Wired Video Encoder

H.264 HD SDI/HDMI Encoder

Professional while Affordable streaming Encoder

Kiloview E series wired hardware video encoder converts SDI/HDMI base-band video to H.264 IP streams, to achieve remote video transmission or live across internet WAN or over local network LAN. They support the most common protocols including SRT, RTMP, RTMPS, RTP, HLS, UDP, RTSP, Onvif, and are widely applied to professional live production, streaming, broadcasting, etc.

Overview of IP-based Wired Video Transmission

  • Model : E-2

  • Video Input: 1x HDMI

  • Audio Input: 1x 3.5 mm

  • Video resolution: Up to 1080P60Hz

  • Network support: RJ-45 Ethernet

  • Video encoding: H.264/ AVC High

  • Media transmission protocols: RTMP/HLS/SRT/TS over UDP/RTSP

  • Management: APP/ Web

  • Power: 12 V DC

  • Weight: 380g

Table of Contents

  • Best Live Streaming Equipment on a Budget

  • Camera

  • Microphone

  • Lighting

  • Best Live Streaming Equipment for Intermediate Broadcast

  • Camera

  • Microphone

  • Lighting

  • Video Encoder

  • Best Live Streaming Equipment for Professional Broadcast

  • Camera

  • Microphone

  • Lighting

  • Video Encoder

  • Mixing Equipment

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