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Best 4G Bonding Encoder for Live Streaming and Newsgathering

Updated: Jan 9

Skywire Broadcast Specializes in 4G Bonding Encoder for outdoor streaming and gear associated with encoding-decoding, and they provide consumers with a variety of options. This evaluation is based on their customer service, product selection, and post-purchase assistance.

The most common protocols used by those who routinely steam live content on social media like YouTube, Facebook, etc. are RTMP and HLS, however, SRT is preferred in today's world of newsgathering


Prior to 10 Years ago, when the newsgathering business tried to transition from DSNG/OB Van to Mobile Newsgathering Units, the cost of ownership and maintenance of the unit was higher than it is now. Because it was not affordable, live streaming was either unavailable for that length of time or less popular.

Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) Technology

Before the era of SRT, most people were using UDP to stream live content from one destination to another but in the Year 2012 Haivision invents SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) for customers, and in the year 2017 during NAB Show they alliance with others and now it is open source Protocol for everyone.


Benefits of SRT:

  1. High quality: Provides professional, high-grade video across any network — withstanding up to 10% packet loss without detectable degradation.

  2. Resilient: Maintains stream integrity by accounting for packet loss, jitter, and fluctuating bandwidth.

  3. Cost-effective: Replaces expensive satellite networks or rigid MPLS networks with affordable and flexible public internet.

  4. Low latency: Enables near real-time IP communications as fast as UDP with the reliability of TCP.

  5. Media-agnostic: Acts as a wrapper around your content — be it MPEG-2, H.264, or even HEVC.

  6. Secure: Provides 128/256 bit AES encryption for secure transmission over the internet

  7. Firewall friendly: Reliably streams from unknown locations and event centers without requiring additional IT resources.

  8. Open source: Delivers interoperability and longevity due to large-scale adoption.

What's the Best live streaming device in 2022?

Every device has its own specialization to stream feed on social media platforms or from outdoor locations to studio or TV Channel newsroom. in this scenario, the customer just trying to know what's the best device for them as per their requirement.

What's a 4G/5G Bonding Server?

Every device which is working on the pattern on multi sim/ carrier bonding required a bonding server, Live U has its own Server, and Mine Media has its own but in this race, Kiloview is providing a bonding server at the client end to establish their own to use P Series 4G Bonding Encoder devices.

Further bonding server offers to depend on Sales Strategy and Market Acquisition of Live Streaming Devices.

Most Servers are located in India. Live U Charging approx Rs. 25000 for the year for Solo Segment Unit, Mine Media is not charging yet any cost for Q8 4G Bonding Encoder

Best Protocol for Live Streaming Device?

To Live Streaming on Social Media Platform most uses RTMP Protocol which is available with all the device Solo, P Series, and Mine Q8. But if you are thinking about Newsgathering then advisable to use Kiloview or Mine Media Device which supports SRT Protocol.

Which device is easy to use?

Solo is offering one destination streaming push-to-start and stop Button, a similar feature is available with Kiloview with multi- Platform streaming and Mine Media is offering a cloud-based Mobile APP and Web to use the device, fix the stream, and know the signal status of 4G/5G Sim, etc.

Which device has image overlay/ scrolling?

Image overlay is not available with Live U Solo but it is available with Kiloview P1 and P2 further Mine Media Q8 has image overlay and scrolling/ text rolling feature in the segment.

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