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Internet Bonding: What Is It and Why Is It Important for Remote Professionals?

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

If you work remotely or work in a rural area, you’ve probably run into an obstacle: quality internet access. One SIM might work in one place, another connection might work in another, or both might work but be weak. Either way, your productivity invariably suffers when you have unreliable internet especially while working remotely or from home. Typically, the best solution to remedy this problem is to employ a technique known as internet bonding. Here’s what you need to know about this method to increase your internet speed!

What is Internet Bonding:

Internet bonding is a technique where you can use multiple connections.

An internet Bonding router/ Bonding Encoder takes each of these connections and routes your traffic as appropriate. If everything is a 4G connection and you’re browsing a webpage, it might route the HTML request through one provider, an image request through another, and so on. By having parallel connections, you’ll increase your internet speed while working from home. Similarly, if one provider has an LTE connection, the router/encoder is smart enough to recognize to route all traffic through it.

Most importantly, though, is that this is all seamless to the user. You won’t necessarily need to know which connection it is using. Instead, you’ll get the best internet speeds possible given where you are in the world.

Why Is Internet Bonding Important for Professionals Working From Home?

Unfortunately, there are still many places in this country that do not have ultra-reliable wireless connectivity. And that’s not even just for people working outside of cities! Sometimes, depending on where you are, even urban internet can be notoriously unreliable.

Suppose your business requires stable, reliable internet to function (e.g., you deal with video, audio, content creation, or you are a software development company). In that case, the potential internet struggles especially while working from home can significantly damage your company’s ability to make progress and remain at peak efficiency. Instead of building excellent new software, videos, or music, you’ll be sitting around waiting for your connection to become reliable again.

This issue is particularly problematic for people who are working remotely. It’s not uncommon to meet with a client and have internet troubles at that particular time. Or, perhaps you’re working on a rural area project and need to upload some images so your boss can see the progress. If your internet is having issues then, it could be an issue!

It’s worth noting that having a “backup” internet option is still beneficial even for people that typically experience good connections. For example, if you’re streaming on YouTube, having a backup internet connection will ensure that you can continue the stream even if the primary one goes down. Having a Bonding Device that can keep your feed up is vital.

We have three types of bonding devices:-

  • Mine Media Q8 4G Bonding Video Encoder

  • M4-Mini 4G Bonding Router

  • Kiloview P Series 4G Bonding Video Encoder

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