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Kiloview P3 5G Bonding Video Encoder

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Kiloview P3 is a new generation of 5G bonding video encoder based on KiloLink, supporting multi connections bonding: 4-channel 5G cellular network, WIFI and Ethernet. P3 is equipped with dual video inputs of 3G-SDI and HDMI. With resolution up to 4Kp30 through its HDMI input and up to 1080p60 through its SDI input.H.265 encoding capability and perfectly adaption to KiloLink Server ensuring the best quality of multi-protocol live streaming and video transmission.

Up to 6-channel Connections Bonding

With P3’s modular design, end users can flexibly pick the 5G/4G/WiFi modems to adapt the most challenging field scenarios. P3 supports up to 6 connections bonding to maximize the video transmission capacity: 4-channel 5G cellular, WiFi and Ethernet. Each 5G modem can also be replaced by 4G modem or WIFI modem to achieve the bonding of up to 10* IP Connections.

P3 supports a wide range of streaming protocols including NDI | HX, RTMP, SRT,RTSP, HLS.

4.3-inch Touch LCD Screen

P3 is equipped with a 4.3-inch touch LCD screen for real-time viewing of IP address, network status, video resolution, Tally status, CPU, and temperature. You can preview the input video picture in real-time.

Constantly Working with Dual Battery Module

P3 is equipped with dual battery module (the power of a single battery is up to 6000mAh@7.2V 43.2W, which can keep running for more than 4 hours under the condition of full operation of 4-channel 5G cellular network). When the power of external battery runs out, it will automatically switch to the internal battery , which can ensure the power supply and achieve all-day operation. In addition, P3 supports external power input.

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