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Feelworld W1000H Video Transmission System Dual HDMI

Updated: Jan 4

FEELWORLD W1000H TX/RX set is a real-time wireless video transmission system integrated with intercom and live streaming. With 8Mbps high data rate, dual HDMI ports and other features built for professional filmmaking, the W1000H empowering filmmakers, crews, and content creators everywhere.

  • Dual HDMI ports, allow to connect more device.

  • More than 1000ft transmission range with 0.08S ultra-low latency.

  • Up to 1080P @60Hz, provide high quality image.

  • Wireless full-duplex talkback, real-time intercom between the director and the photographer.

  • With type-C to Ethernet adapter accessory, achieve live streaming.

  • The Transmitter can be switched as receiver at will.

  • One TX to multiple RX, monitoring for everyone on set.

  • Real-time APP monitoring for Android/iOS system.

  • 13 frequency channels, AUTO channel scan.

Wireless Transmitter
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