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P Series 4G Cellular Bonding Video Encoder

Updated: Jan 3

Kiloview P series video encoder is a professional high-end encoding device specially designed for outdoor streaming on social media and studios. It adopts KiloLink (Self Cloud-Based Bonding Server) – Kiloview’s patented algorithm to solve the problem of poor connectivity. It perfectly suits outdoor live streaming and transmission in such scenarios as live events, concerts, sports, field broadcasts, emergency spots, and more, anytime, anywhere.

P1 supports SDI input, while P2 supports HDMI input.

Kiloview P series features ultra-low end-to-end latency (<1s), meanwhile, it supports voice intercom with Kiloview KIS, it’s also perfect for remote program production or group interaction.

Up to 5 Connections Bonding, Stream Like a Pro

2x Internal 4G Cellular + 2x USB 4G Cellular (LAN)+ 1x Wi-Fi (+1*RJ45) supported and it’s free configurable of any desired network.

With the patented bonding algorithm with KiloLink, P series encoders can automatically balance the data of all connections and adjust the bitrate accordingly to make sure the reliable streaming.

Besides, P series can support Wi-Fi hotspot for data and file transmission.

Self-Deploy Bonding Cloud With Device Management

Kiloview provides the bonding software for free, it’s available for deployment on your own server or cloud-based server.

With KiloLink Server, you can manage all your registered devices on the server end, such as monitoring device status, previewing a stream, parameter settings, firmware updating, port forwarding, and so on. Real-time connection status and data statistics are also available on the server end.

Support All the Major Protocols

No matter you are using a single connection or the bonding connection, with the Kiloview P series, you can not only stream your video to Youtube/Facebook and other platforms with RTMP(S), but also transmit your video remotely by SRT, and more other workflows using different protocols such as RTSP, UDP, and HLS. Outdoor streaming is never so easy.

Multiple Platform Streaming

Kiloview P series encoder supports streaming to 16 platforms simultaneously by configuring the main and sub stream in the web console, which means you can stream to all the popular platforms with the same content. (Mainstream resolution up to 1080P60, substream resolution up to 720P60)

Video Rotate/Crop, and Image Overlay

With FPGA processing unit, it can easily realize the functions of rotating and cropping for vertical/horizontal video which makes it social media-friendly. You can also mirror the stream, or adjust the color. Moreover, you can set your overlay image at any position such as adding a logo, text, etc.