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Stream live video simultaneously on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Friends live stream is now very easy and affordable to reach our content to our community, we can stream from Mobile Phone camera to Facebook, YouTube etc. from anywhere.

But stream live content simultaneously on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube is not easy in general. But that you can do from the Video Encoder.

Video Encoder is available in software and Hardware. In that you can connect your stream and push live streaming on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter simultaneously.

V Mix

  • Live stream to your favourite streaming providers including Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch and Ustream.

  • Live Record in full HD to AVI, MP4, MPEG-2 or WMV

  • Download to click here

Wireless video encoder can convert full 1080p SDI/HDMI signal to IP signal without loss. This live Encoder is applicable to many streaming platforms through 4g-LTE, Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet to realize HD video long-distance transmission/live broadcasting.

It support RTSP/RTMP/SRT/RTP transmission protocols. Web-based management page for this video encoder make it very convenient and easy to use.

Kiloview G1 (SDI) and G2 (HDMI) encoder is widely applied in TV Broadcast, school teaching, streaming live broadcast etc.

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